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Taylor swift + echoes 

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The first thing that struck me was his voice. I’ve never been more jealous of anything in my life.
~ Taylor talking about Ed Sheeran (x)
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this hope is treacherous
this daydream is dangerous
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I have this theory that music is really just love stories put to a melody.

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I think Taylor (Swift) as a musician, as a person and as an entity is one of the biggest export from the United States of America. So to have her seal of approval, enough to take me on tour for 6 months was instrumental to me breaking the States. I’d been over to the States a lot, had a bit of success there but just having that stamp of approval took me from a theatre artist to an arena artist and took me from a one hit to a household name. If someone has aims, dreams and aspirations to become a superstar she’d be the best example of it of how to keep it together.
~ Ed Sheeran on Taylor Swift (x)
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the 13th track from each album
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(i’m not sure if i like this)

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Taylor Swift and David Letterman's fist bump evolution 2010 + 2012
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